Teens are Now Mentors

Jul 20, 2023 | Mission Moment, Staff

We’ve stayed behind plenty of days with kids who have had issues at home and even a child who ran away. Lots of our behavior kids are now some of the best kids at our Club. Our teens are literally mentors for our younger kids, members may “act up” at school but are well-behaved at the Club, some kids call me “mom”, and being an “aunt” to my teen’s baby. —Jamaya

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Message Received

We offer ‘Club Bucks” as an incentive to help around the club or demonstrate moments of exceptional respect. There were four sitting at the front table. When they went missing, I spoke to the entire room about why stealing is not right – how it brings about negative...

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She Stepped Up

One of our older members is determined to be a Junior Staff member with us. Stepped up to handle an issue between two younger members. She didn’t ask for Staff help but Staff observed the situation. She was able to successfully de-escalate the situation and have the...

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All the Way Up to a B

We had a young girl at our Club who really struggled in school. Especially when it came to her history (language arts) and her math. Math is something that was a struggle for me. But language arts was easy for me. Once she got her report card from school. She...

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