A Work in Progress

Oct 6, 2023 | Daytona Beach Club, Mission Moment

Our club had a brother and sister who started two years ago during the summer. Both members had no coping skills, were very impulsive, very explosive, and very disrespectful to everyone they encountered. In the past two years, both members have completely done a 180 degrees in behavior. We continue to mentor both members throughout the month. They both are very respectful. They not only hold themselves accountable but also other club members accountable. They still struggle with their behaviors in school. But because their mom and I have great communication and are working on strategies to de-escalate them at school. They both are work in progress.

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Message Received

We offer ‘Club Bucks” as an incentive to help around the club or demonstrate moments of exceptional respect. There were four sitting at the front table. When they went missing, I spoke to the entire room about why stealing is not right – how it brings about negative...

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