Center Stage

Sep 5, 2023 | Leadership

Ron Nowviskie came to our local Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors more than 20 years ago and was already a recognized local leader, serving as the Campaign Chair of the United Way and President of Catholic Charities and Council on Aging. With not only local involvement, Ron was also very involved in state politics, sees the big picture, and knows we are in the best position to make the most impact with the youth and families that need us most. He has given his time, talent, resources, and insight to take our local Club and state Alliance to where it is today. He is kind, soft-spoken, and a tremendous representative of all we do and what we stand for. Ron always is willing to get involved in a quiet and strong way and works behind the scenes to make sure objectives are met. Our Club and Florida Alliance and Area Council would not be where they are today without the work of Ron Nowviskie. —Joe Sullivan

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