By Your Side

Sep 16, 2023 | DeLand Club

Tavahny participated in a talent show competition and not only had a great experience but also received some great guidance from one of the judges. And like always, Miss Althea was by her side supporting and cheering her on. Tavahny began attending the Lacey/Spring Hill Club in DeLand when she was 6 years old and would just casually mention to others she could sing. And that’s what she did, she sang every school day while walking with other Club members from Stark Elementary to the Club. Once Miss Althea knew she could sing she had her singing at every opportunity.

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Got Turkey?

We have a wonderful new angel in our community, Thad Jones, owner of Trinity Solar. It was his desire to bless families at the SpringHill Club for Thanksgiving with a Turkey giveaway. Eighteen families were blessed with this gift! A big thank you to Mr. Jones!

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A Change in Behavior

Nine years ago, I met a young man named Javon. He seemed like a pretty cool young man that immediately gravitated to me when I first started. I had people come up to me and tell me to watch him because he had a quick temper. As time went on, I began working with Javon...

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Came Together

The teens at my Club have become a unit. When I first started at the Club, I was afraid to work with the teens because older kids can be strong, but the teens really came together as a unit and became a family, they can count on each other. —Davion

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